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Lets keep it real! We hate the English weather. A sorry excuse for a summer followed by a drastic decline into rain and what can only be described as pure and utter diabolical nonsense.

However… every cloud, and lets face it there are plenty of them, has a silver lining. And that lining, my friends, is called transitional wear! You know the deal, its too hot to wear your parka but too cold not to wear a coat so what do you do? You draw for a menswear staple the transitional coat. The coat that will take you through Autumn until winter well and truly sets in hard.

Here are some of our picks.

Norse Projects x Elka – Rain Mac – £176

GAP – Docking Jacket – Currently on sale! – £39.99

Topman Wool Bomber Jacket – £79.99

ASOS – Borg Collar Mac – £56.00

H and M – £79.99

River Island Stone Mac – £70.00

Topman Navy Patch Peacoat – £85.00