Double Breasted Tweed


I’ve been looking for a decent Tweed jacket for a while now. There seems to be plenty out there both vintage and new of late but the new look, well… too new and the vintage, too vintage. Am I making sense?
The only way I would buy a new tweed jacket is if it were part of a suit, 3-piece of course or, if I had cash to burn and could afford to buy bespoke or high end designer. Neither of which are viable options I tell myself through the tears.

Hackett POW Check 3 Piece Suit £850 – Handsome Chap, Isn’t He!

So I turn to an old but dear friend, eBay. It soon becomes evident, as my eyes start to mist over, that vintage may not necessarily cut it either. Most jackets look loose, garish and all round horrible!

But persistence, scrutiny and a 2 year hunt FINALLY pay off. I find a vintage (80’s) Paul Smith double breasted tweed jacket. I always test the waters and ask the seller for a quick sale to which they state they are willing to do for £25! A bargain! But my gut tells me to hold off as bids are not, thankfully, flying in. And I congratulate my gut when I secure the jacket for a cool £16!

Paul Smith Tweed Double Breasted – £16 eBay. SIXTEEN POUNDS!!!!

The cut is impeccable, hugging my underarms reassuringly, a sign of good tailoring. I’m amazed at how well it has been preserved even if it does smell like unseasoned, cooked chicken. The peak lapels are gorgeous, current and are perfect for accessories like these crocheted boutonnieres that sit alongside pocket squares.

Crocheted Boutonniere – £6 from Wugylees on Etsy. Pocket Square – £8 from Reiss

The neutral colour really provides the base for a variety of accent colours and makes it versatile for dressing up for formal wear, or down, especially with bold vibrant chino or my favourite selvedge denim jeans.

Shirt and Trousers both Reiss. Waistcoat, Topman. Tie, TM Lewin. Shoes, Poste.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Double Breasted Tweed

  1. Think this works well! when I saw all the colours together (blue, black, brown etc) I wondered how it would all fit but on closer inspection you have really pulled it off. Looks great!

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