Reiss Sample Sale


An avid fan of Reiss for many years now I tend to get overly ecstatic when I receive the details of their latest sample sale. Held in the Music Room space on South Molton Lane, W1 it all boils down to a matter of timing. The exclusive event is open to VIP holders first and commences around midday so it’s a lunchtime mission. You have to time it to avoid the initial queue to enter and the queue when the music room is full to capacity.

Once inside it’s all about the strategy. Have a plan. Decide what you need and head straight there first. The structure hasn’t changed in 3 years. Menswear is on the right and women on the left with a centre isle of accessory boxes (scarfs, bags, pocket squares, ties, socks etc).
Furthest right are the suits and blazers, then leather jackets the next rail is dedicated to waistcoats, and outerwear, then knitwear and casual trousers followed by jeans and shirts. The final rail is stocked with formal trousers and faulty/ returns type stock. A good couple of minutes spent here can reveal some real gems. For example last season Winchester DB trench retailed at £295, on sample sale at £90, on returns rail at £40. The fault was holes in the garment. A thorough inspection revealed these to be minor.

I managed to grab 2 suits. The first a navy blue cord, single breasted, 2 piece, which appears to be the sample for this seasons Shroader mixer suit also available in Navy and additionally in grey. The suit £120.

I also grabbed one of several 3 piece suits on offer, a salt and pepper single breasted suit. It has a linen look but is 100% wool. Still it remains light and the colour is great for mixing trousers and accessorising. A steal at £120 also!

The sales usually happen twice a year. To get ahead of the pack sign up at and they’ll make sure you get your exclusive invite.

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