H&M Rebel Slim Fit Chinos


As part of my A/W wardrobe staple I have been on the lookout for suitable rebel pants. What do I mean? The trousers that fly in the face of the damp miserable British winter and harp back to the summer fun we had on holiday. Abroad of course.

Our scouring the net and pounding the high street led us to a brilliant find. The H&M slim fit Chino. Available in a fine array of colours we were able to bag, not one, not two, but three of the beauties for our winter wardrobe.

Colourful Like a space rocket ice lolly!

Colourful Like a space rocket ice lolly!

First off there feel great on with a soft cotton feel and a vibrant hue finish to the fabric. The cut is indeed a slim cut, tapered on the leg. Often I find slim to actually be more like a straight cut so this was good. H&M use comfort fitting so don’t be surprised to drop a size to get the best fit.

I went for the Bright Blue, Mustard Yellow and Rust coloured chinos all at the bargain price of £10 each! The yellow was a must, but the colour is a hybrid of canary and mustard as opposed to just mustard I would say. The rust and blue are extremely versatile.

The 33 Borough Triplets

The 33 Borough Triplets

So far I have had to wash the yellow pair but am pleased to say that the colour has remained vibrant. In fact there was no real loss of colour at all. Something we cannot say for other premium high street brands.

For £10 you really cannot go wrong. I’ve had plenty of comments regarding all of them with one person saying the rust pair made them ‘smile’. I hope that was a compliment! I didn’t think to ask actually!

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