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I was very privileged to be invited to Kiehl’s London Covent Garden branch for a sneak preview of their latest Super Multi-Corrective Cream back in June. The branch is based on Monmouth Street, one of the seven dials, so I was double excited as it offered a chance to pop into the Monmouth Coffee Company shop beforehand. Heaven in a cup!

Kiehl's Covent Garden

Kiehl’s Covent Garden

Having decided to branch out this year Kiehl’s was a brand I was keen to try as they specialise in beauty and grooming products only, in essence, they stick to what they know and with over a staggering 160 years in the business they know it well.

The Extensive Kiehl's Range

The Extensive Kiehl’s Range

The mystery around the Super Multi-Corrective Cream was quickly dispelled when it was revealed to be an anti-ageing product. Ah. Anti-ageing? With my youthful skin? Why the blue blazes would I need that? Actually we all need it. The ageing is in reference to the skin and not the person. So your friend who looks 45 but is actually 23… Yep, that is aged skin. Buy him this cream. And your friend that is 30 but looks 12… Buy him this cream. He’ll appreciate it when he is 50. The key to this cream however is the pay back period. With a headline grabbing 2 weeks being touted around Kiehl’s were keen to put their money where their mouth is.

Rita's party trick to Cher's "Turn Back Time" failed to raise the roof this time round.

Rita’s party trick to Cher’s “Turn Back Time” failed to raise the roof this time round.

The creams secret is the blend of Beech Tree extract, Jasmonic and Hyaluronic Acids that help to boost the skins plumpness levels, hydrate, lift and moisturise helping to ‘reverse’ the effects of ageing. Of course that is the easy part. Simply harnessing Beech Tree extract, Jasmonic and Hyaluronic Acids into a bottle does not produce Benjamin Button type effects. The difficulty was combining the ingredients, without losing their essential properties, in a base that was easy to apply, easily absorbed and that felt good too. Kiehl’s spent over a year developing this at a cost of millions in trials until they got a product they were completely happy with. So how does it fare?

At 50ml the pot is a lot smaller than what I had envisioned. At just under £50 a pop you might be put off by this. The cream however is dense and I would see this lasting sound 8-10 months. Kiehl’s advise that you use this in the morning and night as a sole cream or on top of your existing moisturisers hence a little really does go a long way.

Super isn't it!

Super isn’t it!

The cream itself is very dense in the pot but is light to the touch and appears reassuringly firm when scooped out for application. It is quite cooling and applies very well, being easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy or sticky feel. My skin felt well moisturised throughout the day. I decided to use on top of my daily moisturisers which obviously helped. When used as a sole cream I did have to be more generous with my application, applying the cream twice over the space of 5 minutes.

None greasy and easily absorbed

None greasy and easily absorbed

I have to say I noticed results around the 10 day mark. I generally have good skin. I’ve moisturised as a cultural habit since I was born so its a habitual routine. I have developed frown lines however from too much… Umm, frowning! Ha! But these have started to visibly reduce over the 10+ day period. I have used it for several months now and with the last 3 weeks being spent out on the road I did receive several out of the blue comments from office based colleagues on my return as to how well my skin looked. Unsolicited, off the cuff comments. In the words of Jane Fonda “Not bad, nah?”

My passport photo were ridiculed at IPS headquarters

My passport photo were ridiculed at IPS headquarters

In conclusion I would say it is a pretty amazing product. I have found that a good routine in terms of cleansing and moisturising works but this cream goes that step farther. The price and size may rule a lot of people out however as it sits in the high-mid range in terms of price. It is a great cream though and one I will restock on for definite. I’m looking forward to trying the Kiehl’s mens products off the back of this so look out for those reviews shortly.
Will you be trying the Super Multi-Corrective Cream? Have you tried it? What do you think?

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