Small Leather Goods: Card Holders


I recently upgraded my tatty old leather bifold wallet with a Jack Spade offering, heavily marked down on the fabulous As I mature however I am starting to realise the age old adage that “less is more”. The wallet is fine for everyday use but do I really need all those receipts for petrol (gas), food shopping and what not that I seem to accumulate? The Starbucks card that has never had any funds on it? Or the credit card that expired about 3 months ago?

Mr Reliable - Jack Spade Bi-fold Wallet in Navy

Mr Reliable – Jack Spade Bi-fold Wallet in Navy

The short answer is No.

All this soul searching has led me to my latest accessory want: the card holder! Never one to rush into anything I have surveyed the land of leather (small leather goods and NOT a UK chain of sofa/ couch warehouses) and discovered several offerings.

The standard money clip, used to hold… Umm well, money. notes to be precise. I do like this but considering the fact that most of my notes these days are £5 I don’t see the practicality. I’m also concerned that this may become compromised if used to hold any cards.

Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money

The next on the list is the standard card holder in landscape format. This seems to be the most popular and the most basic of designs. To make it stand out designer embossing or patterns are used, dyed leather seems to feature heavily also or a luxury leather such as alligator or python (real or imitation) is used.

Available in an array of colours and textures- Landscape Card Holders

Available in an array of colours and textures- Landscape Card Holders

Lastly there are the portrait style holders. There does not seem to be too many of these around but I think that makes them more desirable. I imagine there will be an impact on the practicality of accessing the contents. The holder are designed to be a snug fit, reassuringly so considering the value. Surely anyone who has lost their wallet will appreciate the absolute production that comes with remembering what exactly was lost, to ordering replacement cards etc.

Bi-fold Portrait Card Holders

Bi-fold Portrait Card Holders

I have narrowed my choice down to three designs. first up is this offering from what appears to be the hardest working man in fashion, Mr. Marc Jacobs. I love it’s simplicity, it’s portrait design and the embossed leather. It’s functional and discreet.

Love, Love, Love me some Marc Jacobs!

Love, Love, Love me some Marc Jacobs!

Next is this one from Byron and Dexter of Want Les Essentiels De La Vie. It doubles up as a card holder and money clip, very subtlety embossed with the accessory house’s familiar logo. Available in tan, black, multi brown and green & brown (yum). It is very much the discerning mans accessory. I’m just wary if the clip will compromise the invisibleness card holders are supposed to provide.

Want Les Essent... WLEDLV!

Want Les Essent… WLEDLV!

I also love the colours on these beautiful crocodile Santiago Gonzales card holders. It’s certainly bold and striking but beautifully crafted. As ever my penchant for the expensive has been proven as these retail for £225!!! I’ll have nothing left to put in it!

Bold & Luxurious - Santi Gonzales

Bold & Luxurious – Santi Gonzales

What do you all think? Do you have a preference ? All items are available on

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