Grooming Edit – Dr Lancer, The Lancer Method


I was fortunate to trial the Method from Los Angeles based Dr. Lancer. Claiming to make the skin look younger, its effectiveness lies in its simplicity; a three-step daily routine. As time is precious most mornings – school runs, meetings, site visits, smashing up the alarm clock – we were keen to try something quick and easy without compromising on quality.

Fatherhood - In One Picture

This Sums Up Fatherhood

Step One – The Method Polish
The scrub has a warming element that is felt when you rub it in your hands. Its strange at first, good strange. The polish bead is good and holds well on wet skin meaning you get an effective scrub without it dissolving too rapidly. Skin is left vibrant and energised

The Method Polish

The Method Polish

Step Two – The Method Cleanse
Probably the weakest link in the chain here. It’s a gentle cleanser but I guess, after the strength of the polish, a gentle cleanse is all that’s needed. It helps at the very least to completely remove the polish and we found that there was no trace dirt following a cotton pad test.

The Method Cleanse

The Method Cleanse

Step Three – The Method Nourish
The cream itself is quite thick and supplied with an application spoon so as to keep it contaminant free. Fancy! It covers well and the density means that one application is sufficient as it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry skin minutes later.

The Method Nourish

The Method Nourish

The Verdict?
The whole process was completed within 5 minutes which is not long at all. All in all a great product to use daily at home it comes with 2 thumbs up us in terms of quality and effectiveness.

The downfall however is the price tag. Combined the products will set you back a whopping £213! This will make it inaccessible to the majority. For alternatives try the Neal’s Yard NYR range, the excellent Liz Earle which we will be reviewing next month or our go to brand, Kiehl’s men’s range

Neal's Yard Remedies NYR Organic Range for Men

Neal’s Yard Remedies NYR Organic Range for Men

Liz Earle's Men's Naturally Active Range

Liz Earle’s Men’s Naturally Active Range

Kiehl's Men's Facial Fuel Range

Kiehl’s Men’s Facial Fuel Range

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