Grooming Edit – Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator For Men


I am a firm advocate for daily grooming. As girlie as that sounds it needn’t be anything more than swapping soap for a face wash and cream for a moisturiser. But clarifying, anti ageing, ultra moisturising… where do you start?
Thankfully for us all Kiehl’s new Oil Clarifying Moisturiser should narrow the selection significantly.

Product Overload

Product Overload

Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator stands out straight away in a bright green tube. It’s described as a 24-hour anti-shine moisturiser that ‘minimises excess oil, sweat and pollution to reduce the appearance of shine and pores’. A very good start. I am a daily user of Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Hydrator because, quite frankly I’m always late, its the Caribbean in me. Rushing around all over the place can make for a healthy glow and, with summer threatening to rear its head, riding on the sauna that is the London underground will only make matters worse.

Our Current Go-To No-Shine Solution

Our Current Go-To No-Shine Solution

In application the moisturiser is very light and appears to evaporate on contact with the skin giving a feeling of freshness, almost pulling sweat off the skin. This gives the skin a fresh matte look sort of like the calm and collected 7 year old progeny who sat your university exams with you only a lot cooler*. Despite this effect the skin still felt hydrated and a second application was not required at any point during the day.

Oil Eliminator 24 Hour

Oil Eliminator 24 Hour

The verdict is a solid thumbs up from me. This stuff really works well and has now become part of my daily routine. Its small enough to travel with and will thus be coming everywhere with me.

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!

Pick up a tube in any Kiehl’s store or concession. The 75ml retails for £21.50 with a larger 125ml at £30.00

*based on a pole of 3 people.
And a cat.


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